Three elephant calves, a peaceful herd and one elephant angry with a blackbuck in Dublin Zoo


Three elephant calves were born within ten weeks time at Dublin Zoo in 2014. As you can see Kavi, Ashoka and Samiya are doing fine. The herd of Asiatic elephants seems to be a stable harmonious group although one of the mothers expresses some disturbing repetitive behaviour. The group is led by matriarch Bernhardine, the first ever born elephant in a Dutch zoo (16.06.1984). She was also the first elephant born to parents who were born in captivity in an European zoo as well. The elephants share their enclosure with blackbuck, and it is obvious that at least one of the elephants dislikes the male blackbuck.

Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map


"Tiger map" (CC BY 2.5) by Sanderson et al., 2006.


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