Mountain Pygmy-possum


In a major conservation win for the species, a male Mountain Pygmy-possum has been born in the wild - the first with parents from each of the genetically distinct Mt Buller and Mt Hotham populations. In October 2010, a team from DSE, University of Melbourne, Healesville Sanctuary temporarily re-located 6 Mt Hotham males into the territory of females at Mt Buller during the breeding season. The relocation efforts were part of a recovery plan for the Mountain Pygmy-possums, to combat their drastic decline in numbers and further in-breeding among the remaining population. The birth of 'Lil Lou', the product of the assisted love match between Mt Hotham male 'White Stone' and a female Mt Buller possum was discovered on a recent trapping visit to the Alpine region. Mountain Pygmy-possums, one of Australia's rarest marsupials and listed as 'Threatened - critically endangered' Victoria on the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, have one breeding season per year and can have up to four young at a time.

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"Tiger map" (CC BY 2.5) by Sanderson et al., 2006.


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