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The Cof­fee berry borer bee­tle threat­ens the world

pub­lished 25 Decem­ber 2011 | mod­i­fied 18 Decem­ber 2016

The evi­dence seems to be deliv­ered that a small insect is caus­ing a major dis­rup­tive effect on the poor ‘coffee-​bean grow­ing’ soci­ety in devel­op­ing coun­tries and the rich ‘coffee-​drinking’ soci­ety in devel­oped part of the world. This insect, called appro­pri­ately Cof­fee berry borer bee­tle, drills dis­as­trous lit­tle holes in the coffee-​beans grown in Ethiopia and Latin-​America. The very spots in the world where the finest coffee-​beans are grown, the Ara­bica beans.

http://www.padil.gov.au use with permission

I am fun­da­men­tally opposed to erad­i­cate any life on this Earth, but a bee­tle that attacks and destroys our cof­fee beans, should be killed and dis­patched of I am afraid. Human­ity can not go with­out cof­fee, right? It appears this crop pest is dri­ven by cli­mate change, as this spe­cific bee­tle is much more resis­tant to higher tem­per­a­tures than its nat­ural ene­mies and com­peti­tors. And the global increase of tem­per­a­ture is caused by mankind itself. Well, once again it is proven that we caused this prob­lem our­selves and that we are suc­cess­fully try­ing to exter­mi­nate ourselves.

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