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The Coffee berry borer beetle threatens the world

published 25 December 2011 | modified 18 December 2016

The evidence seems to be delivered that a small insect is causing a major disruptive effect on the poor 'coffee-bean growing' society in developing countries and the rich 'coffee-drinking' society in developed part of the world. This insect, called appropriately Coffee berry borer beetle, drills disastrous little holes in the coffee-beans grown in Ethiopia and Latin-America. The very spots in the world where the finest coffee-beans are grown, the Arabica beans.

http://www.padil.gov.au use with permission

I am fundamentally opposed to eradicate any life on this Earth, but a beetle that attacks and destroys our coffee beans, should be killed and dispatched of I am afraid. Humanity can not go without coffee, right? It appears this crop pest is driven by climate change, as this specific beetle is much more resistant to higher temperatures than its natural enemies and competitors. And the global increase of temperature is caused by mankind itself. Well, once again it is proven that we caused this problem ourselves and that we are successfully trying to exterminate ourselves.

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