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About Zoos and their mis­sion regard­ing breed­ing endan­gered species, nature con­ser­va­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and education


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Endan­gered lemurs ille­gally kept as pets threaten species sur­vival
Sun­day, 11 Jan­u­ary 2015
An esti­mated 28,000 lemurs, the world’s most endan­gered pri­mates, have been ille­gally kept as pets in urban areas of Mada­gas­car over the past three…Read More…
New study links neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­ders in cap­tive felids to improper diet
Wednes­day, 31 Decem­ber 2014
Find­ings from a recently pub­lished research study con­firm what many sci­en­tists have long sus­pected. A high inci­dence of neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­ders among…Read More…
San Diego Zoo polar bear being con­di­tioned to wear accelerom­e­ter
Tues­day, 23 Decem­ber 2014
Tatqiq, a female polar bear at the San Diego Zoo, is wear­ing a bit more than her fur coat these days. Vis­i­tors to the Zoo and watch­ers of the Zoo’s…Read More…

News bio­di­ver­sity

India’s tigers come roar­ing back say Indian researchers
Fri­day, 23 Jan­u­ary 2015
India’s tiger pop­u­la­tion has sig­nif­i­cantly increased accord­ing to the 201415 India tiger esti­ma­tion report released today. Recent years have seen…Read More…
Impact human activ­ity reaches planetary-​scale pro­por­tions, a threat to human well­be­ing
Sat­ur­day, 17 Jan­u­ary 2015
The accel­er­ated impacts of human activ­ity on the Earth over the past 60 years have reached “planetary-​scale” pro­por­tions, in turn dri­ving the…Read More…
Ecosys­tems need math­e­mat­i­cal struc­ture, not ran­dom nature, to sur­vive
Mon­day, 05 Jan­u­ary 2015
A pre­vi­ously unknown math­e­mat­i­cal prop­erty has been found to be behind one of nature’s great­est mys­ter­ies – how ecosys­tems sur­vive. The…Read More…

News evo­lu­tion

Polar bears are shift­ing to areas with more sea ice
Sat­ur­day, 17 Jan­u­ary 2015
In a new polar bear study pub­lished on 6 Jan­u­ary in the jour­nal PLOS ONE , sci­en­tists from around the Arc­tic have shown that recent gen­er­a­tions of…Read More…
Map­ping snake venom vari­ety reveals unex­pected evo­lu­tion­ary pat­tern
Fri­day, 16 Jan­u­ary 2015
Venom from an East­ern dia­mond­back rat­tlesnake in the Ever­glades is dis­tinct from the cock­tail of tox­ins deliv­ered by the same species in the Florida…Read More…
Ances­tor of horses and rhi­nos orig­i­nated in India while it was still an island
Tues­day, 02 Decem­ber 2014
Work­ing at the edge of a coal mine in India, a team of Johns Hop­kins researchers and col­leagues have filled in a major gap in science’s…Read More…

Wel­come at About Zoos

Nature off balance

My per­sonal attempt to try and con­vince every­body of the beauty and the impor­tance of nature as (evo­lu­tion­ary) phe­nom­e­non, espe­cially its fauna. Infor­ma­tion is given, in text and image, on my ‘beasts’. Cats, espe­cially big ones, will be star­ring next to other preda­tors. And if pos­si­ble my all time favourite the cow will make its appear­ance. But above all I would like to stress and show, as a one-​man-​pressure-​group, the impor­tance of the diver­sity of life on our earth. As the uncom­pli­cated beauty of ani­mals pro­vides a lot of plea­sure to those who appre­ci­ate it. More species mean more plea­sure. To pre­vent species from going extinct at the rate we see today is there­fore para­mount. Not only for esthetic rea­sons, but also for the preser­va­tion of life on earth. Because to me, loss of bio­di­ver­sity is insep­a­ra­ble con­nected to a dete­ri­o­rat­ing envi­ron­ment on earth. Mother Earth whom is less and less capa­ble of sus­tain­ing life. Zoos will become more impor­tant for con­ser­va­tion of fauna diver­sity, which I would like to show also. As a mat­ter of fact, I started the endeav­our with launch­ing a web­site (moos​mood​.com) focussing on this plethora of issues around 2008. It turned out that pick­ing up where I left years ago, vis­it­ing zoos and see what kind of progress was being made in keep­ing ani­mals in cap­tiv­ity, fit­ted nicely into my new chal­lenge. So, more and more time is con­sumed with vis­it­ing zoos and review­ing their efforts to save endan­gered species. Gen­e­sis and extinc­tion are an inex­tri­ca­ble cou­ple that seems off bal­ance. Let us try and restore this balance!

By sav­ing the tiger we save all the plants and ani­mals that live under the tiger’s umbrella.

(John Sei­den­sticker)

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

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Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.