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Rare footage of giant pan­das mat­ing at Vienna Zoo

pub­lished 26 March 2016 | mod­i­fied 26 March 2016

At 23 March 2016 the giant pan­das at Vienna Zoo (Yang Yang and Long Hui) got that spe­cial feel­ing that accom­pa­nies spring­time, and mated sev­eral times that day. This is quite sen­sa­tional for giant pan­das in cap­tiv­ity. In no other of the few zoos in Europe that keep giant pan­das, this endan­gered species repro­duce in a nat­ural way.

It shows that some giant pan­das can still ‘per­form’ while kept in cap­tiv­ity. Unfor­tu­nately, it also proves that — while for most cap­tive pan­das arti­fi­cial insem­i­na­tion is the only solu­tion to achieve repro­duc­tion — most envi­ron­ments in zoo­log­i­cal or breed­ing facil­i­ties do not pro­vide the right cir­cum­stances for nat­ural repro­duc­tive behav­iour. Which is not so strange of course, con­sid­er­ing the way this for­est dwelling species live in China: a soli­tary life in a huge ter­ri­tory of bam­boo forests.

(Source: Zoovi­enna Tier­garten Schön­brunn YouTube channel)

(Source: About­Zoos, Vienna Zoo — Tier­garten Schön­brunn)

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