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May 2017

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New glassfrog species with see-through skin shows its beating heart
News biodiversity

New glass­frog species with see-​through skin shows its beat­ing heart

Large benefit for global biodiversity when small increase in size protected areas
News biodiversity

Large ben­e­fit for global bio­di­ver­sity when small increase in size pro­tected areas

How threatening is climate change to wolverines in the Arctic?
News biodiversity

How threat­en­ing is cli­mate change to wolver­ines in the Arctic?

Camera trap time stamps provide valuable data for tiger conservationists
News biodiversity

Cam­era trap time stamps pro­vide valu­able data for tiger conservationists

Translocation of howler monkeys helped them survive and thrive in Belize
News zoos

Translo­ca­tion of howler mon­keys helped them sur­vive and thrive in Belize

Ground-breaking discovery: there are three subspecies of the snow leopard
News biodiversity

Ground-​breaking dis­cov­ery: there are three sub­species of the snow leopard

Uganda’s famous tree-climbing lions roaming farther as prey animals decrease
News biodiversity

Uganda’s famous tree-​climbing lions roam­ing far­ther as prey ani­mals decrease

Genetic variation two Bengal tiger populations at risk in Himalayan foothills
News biodiversity

Genetic vari­a­tion two Ben­gal tiger pop­u­la­tions at risk in Himalayan foothills

Rehabilitated Amur tiger released back into the wild in Russia
News biodiversity

Reha­bil­i­tated Amur tiger released back into the wild in Russia

Poor nations more active in conservation of large mammals than rich nations
News biodiversity

Poor nations more active in con­ser­va­tion of large mam­mals than rich nations

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map

Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.

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