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April 2016

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The value of zoos according to WAZA
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The value of zoos accord­ing to WAZA

Birds of prey constrained in the beak evolution race
News evolution

Birds of prey con­strained in the beak evo­lu­tion race

Controversial tiger temple in Thailand gets zoo license
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Con­tro­ver­sial tiger tem­ple in Thai­land gets zoo license

Better data needed to stop sixth mass extinction
News biodiversity

Bet­ter data needed to stop sixth mass extinction

Zoo supports research of polar bears' shifting diets by climate change
News zoos

Zoo sup­ports research of polar bears’ shift­ing diets by cli­mate change

Study investigates effect of climate change on wolverine habitat
News biodiversity

Study inves­ti­gates effect of cli­mate change on wolver­ine habitat

Tigers can be saved from brink of extinction if habitats are preserved
News biodiversity

Tigers can be saved from brink of extinc­tion if habi­tats are preserved

Snow leopards will get a new protected area in Mongolia soon
News biodiversity

Snow leop­ards will get a new pro­tected area in Mon­go­lia soon

Statement of concern by tiger biologists on recent rise in tiger numbers
News biodiversity

State­ment of con­cern by tiger biol­o­gists on recent rise in tiger numbers

Mapping software tracks threats to Endangered Species
News biodiversity

Map­ping soft­ware tracks threats to Endan­gered Species

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map

Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.

about zoos and their mis­sion regard­ing breed­ing endan­gered species, nature con­ser­va­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and edu­ca­tion, which of course relates to the evo­lu­tion of species.
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