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No kidding, RZSS appoints a Cartoonist in Residence
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No kid­ding, RZSS appoints a Car­toon­ist in Residence

Dogs process faces in specialized brain area, study reveals
News evolution

Dogs process faces in spe­cial­ized brain area, study reveals

Almost extinct Socorro dove hatches at Edinburgh Zoo
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Almost extinct Socorro dove hatches at Edin­burgh Zoo

Borneo's orangutans face severe threats from land cover and climate change, says UN
News biodiversity

Borneo’s orang­utans face severe threats from land cover and cli­mate change, says UN

Death of northern white rhino at Czech Zoo drives species closer to extinction
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Death of north­ern white rhino at Czech Zoo dri­ves species closer to extinction

'Golden jackals' of East Africa are actually 'golden wolves'
News evolution

’Golden jack­als’ of East Africa are actu­ally ‘golden wolves’

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map

Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.

about zoos and their mis­sion regard­ing breed­ing endan­gered species, nature con­ser­va­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and edu­ca­tion, which of course relates to the evo­lu­tion of species.
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