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August 2014

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Plants may use molecular language to communicate with each other
News evolution

Plants may use mol­e­c­u­lar lan­guage to com­mu­ni­cate with each other

Could urbanisation and biodiversity bee compatible?
News biodiversity

Could urban­i­sa­tion and bio­di­ver­sity bee compatible?

The State of Sharks, 40 Years After Jaws
News biodiversity

The State of Sharks, 40 Years After Jaws

Birthday of first Przewalski’s horse born by artificial insemination
News zoos

Birth­day of first Przewalski’s horse born by arti­fi­cial insemination

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map

Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.

about zoos and their mis­sion regard­ing breed­ing endan­gered species, nature con­ser­va­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and edu­ca­tion, which of course relates to the evo­lu­tion of species.
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