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Decem­ber 2012

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Extravert gorillas live longer, at least in captivity
News zoos

Extravert goril­las live longer, at least in captivity

New report names Billionaires who benefit from today’s climate crisis
News biodiversity

New report names Bil­lion­aires who ben­e­fit from today’s cli­mate crisis

Lions are rapidly losing ground in Africa, new study reveals
News biodiversity

Lions are rapidly los­ing ground in Africa, new study reveals

The connection between species extinction, organised crime and spread of disease
News biodiversity

The con­nec­tion between species extinc­tion, organ­ised crime and spread of disease

Scientists pinpoint origin of intelligence
News evolution

Sci­en­tists pin­point ori­gin of intelligence

Prey recovery programme for endangered Amur tigers in China, a success
News biodiversity

Prey recov­ery pro­gramme for endan­gered Amur tigers in China, a success

Science alone won’t change climate opinions, but it matters
News biodiversity

Sci­ence alone won’t change cli­mate opin­ions, but it matters

How, in the animal world, inbreeding is avoided by paternal ‘voice’ recognition
News evolution

How, in the ani­mal world, inbreed­ing is avoided by pater­nal ‘voice’ recognition

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Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

Tiger range countries map

Tiger map” (CC BY 2.5) by Sander­son et al., 2006.

about zoos and their mis­sion regard­ing breed­ing endan­gered species, nature con­ser­va­tion, bio­di­ver­sity and edu­ca­tion, which of course relates to the evo­lu­tion of species.
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