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Hye­nas and dogs — con­ver­gent evolution

pub­lished 09 May 2013 | mod­i­fied 05 April 2014

A very appeal­ing way to present a PhD thesis:

Even though they evolved 40 mil­lion years and thou­sands of miles apart, dogs and hye­nas con­verged on the same design for their bone-​crushing jaws — how cool is that?!

Hyenavsdogs comic

But it can be done even more flashy! Watch Dr. Zhi­jie Jack Tseng explains his the­sis in this two minute video:

more infor­ma­tion on Dr. Zhi­jie Jack Tseng here.

(Source: “Piled Higher and Deeper” by Jorge Cham www​.phd​comics​.com )

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