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Elu­sive clouded leop­ard caught on film in Borneo

pub­lished 10 Feb­ru­ary 2013 | mod­i­fied 10 Feb­ru­ary 2013

One of the world’s most beau­ti­ful but rare and elu­sive cats, the Bornean clouded leop­ard, has been filmed up close in Malaysia.

clouded leopard2

We saw an unusu­ally big pair of eyes about ten metres ahead. The eyes pointed at us and did not move and a round face was just about vis­i­ble in the flashlight.
Jyrki Hokka­nen »

Biol­o­gist Jyrki Hokka­nen who was in Malaysia on a hol­i­day trip has cap­tured unique footage of a young female leop­ard rest­ing in the for­est. As this arbo­real felid is so elu­sive it is sel­domly cap­tured on tape. But Dr. Jyrki Hokka­nen, an enthu­si­ast wildlife video­g­ra­pher, was able to do so at his last night of a two week stay in a lodge in Malaysian Bor­neo.

In the dark, with a flash­light, a good cam­era and a steady hand he filmed the small­est of the big cats, last August. Experts say the footage is extra­or­di­nary, believ­ing it to be the only close-​up film of the Bornean clouded leop­ard (Neo­fe­lis diardi borneen­sis) in the wild.

Fer­nando Najera, an expert who man­ages a clouded leop­ard cap­tive breed­ing cen­tre in Thai­land, sug­gested it to be a young female rather than a cub con­sid­er­ing its size and appear­ance, includ­ing the adult length of the teeth.

Read more about Jyrki Hokkanen’s expe­ri­ences in Bor­neo at Mongabay (includ­ing addi­tional footage).

(Source: BBC Nature News, 10.12.2012; UPI​.com News, 10.12.2012; Mongabay​.com, 07.02.2013)

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