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Mo the new­born river otter at Ore­gon Zoo

pub­lished 08 April 2013 | mod­i­fied 05 April 2014

RiverOtter OregonZooOn Jan­u­ary 28 Mo was born, the first North Amer­i­can river otter pup to be born at Ore­gon Zoo. Very spe­cial to the Zoo of course, but many otter pups are born in cap­tiv­ity glob­ally. Nev­er­the­less, this pup deserves some spe­cial atten­tion because his name is Mo, and not because this is short for Molalla the river in the State of Ore­gon.

River otters are very depen­dent on their moth­ers when they’re born. It’s usu­ally three to five weeks before young otters open their eyes, and about five weeks before they first walk. Mo’s first vet­eri­nary checkup can be seen here:

Sur­pris­ingly, swim­ming does not come nat­u­rally to otters — pups must be taught to swim by their mom, which is no gen­tle busi­ness. See for your­self:

You are lucky when you can pay a visit to Ore­gon Zoo on a reg­u­lar basis and fol­low the progress of Mo’s swim­ming skills.


(Source: Ore­gon Zoo News, 15.03.2013, 04.04.2013)

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