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Tiger mauls man in Tata Steel Zoo, Jamshedpur

pub­lished 23 July 2012 | mod­i­fied 25 July 2012

A 32-​year-​old man, appar­ently men­tally unsta­ble, was mauled and seri­ously injured by a tiger after he sneaked into its enclo­sure in the Tata Steel Zoo­log­i­cal Soci­ety here, the police said on Sunday.

The man — Asif — was found uncon­scious out­side the cage of Raghav, a full grown tiger, early Sun­day morn­ing by the secu­rity per­son­nel of the zoo. Sources said Asif seemed to have scaled the bound­ary wall, jumped into the open enclo­sure and when he opened the gate’s cage, the tiger attacked him and tried to pull him inside. How­ever, the gate fell down dur­ing the attack leav­ing Asif out­side. [the footage shown on Indi­aTV Break­ing News does not con­vinc­ingly con­firm this ver­sion, –Moos-]

Thanks to Som­nath Pal­das Pho­tog­ra­phy an impres­sion of the tiger’s out­door enclo­sure in Tata Steel Zoo can be watched on YouTube:

We are try­ing to find out the inten­tion behind his ille­gal entry into the enclosure
police said »

Asif — who hails from Kapali, Seraikela-​Kharswan dis­trict, near Jamshed­pur — was admit­ted to government-​run M G M Hos­pi­tal, sources said. Asked whether the secu­rity arrange­ment would be tight­ened fol­low­ing the inci­dent, Direc­tor Vipul Chakraborty said, “We are review­ing all aspects regard­ing safety of animals.”

The above news item is reprinted from mate­ri­als avail­able at The Indian EXPRESS. Orig­i­nal text may be edited for con­tent and length.

(Source: The Indian EXPRESS, 16.06.2012)

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