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Amsterdam zoo, Artis, is one of the oldest in zoo history. It is an authentic city zoo. When it was founded the grounds consisted of a mix of footpaths between cottages, pubs and run-down small and large factories, on the East-side of the expanding city (source: Zoo was artis, zo is artis by J.G. Nieuwendijk). A few of the original buildings still exists. Though, used for another purpose, of course. For example, the old pub called 'Eik en Linde' first turned into the wolf-house, but nowadays visitors can observe African painted dogs here. A new pub 'Eik en Linde' has been established in 1967 at the Plantage Middenlaan, just across the zoo, about 100 meters from the entrance. (More historic details to be added)

A sad but well-known fact in the zoo's history is the death in 1883 of the last quagga in the world.

Artis MasterplanA masterplan has been designed (2005) to expand and modernise the zoo. An important part of the blueprint is the building of an underground parking lot, where the original parking lot is above ground, still. This allows for additional enclosures to be used for big felines and others. When this final stage of the expansion has been realised, Artis will measure 14 ha.
Preparatory actions were started in 2008, and the works should be finalised in 2014. If no budgetary issues arise.

Goal: 7000 tigers in the wild

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"Tiger map" (CC BY 2.5) by Sanderson et al., 2006.


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