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Frankfurt zoo is among the oldest in the world, having its origins not in a menagerie, but was founded by citizens of the fast growing city of Frankfurt. Already in the early 1850s, a small group of Frankfurt citizens seized on the idea of building a zoo in the city. They organised themselves in the Frankfurt Zoological Society and convinced the Frankfurt City Council in 1857 that Frankfurt shold have a zoo. An important mediator was philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. By that time, not much was known about wild animal husbandry in Germany, as Berlin zoo was still quite small.

On 8 August 1858, Germany's second zoo was opened by the zoo company, presenting 600 animals. The first director was relieved of his duties after a few months, but then Dr. Max Schmidt, who had visited most zoos of those days, was found the right man to serve for more than 25 years. The "test zoo" was not located on the site of the current zoo, but it was sited outside the city on a 6.5 hectare plot of land just to the west of the Bockenheimer Tor on the Bockenheimer Landstrasse.

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"Tiger map" (CC BY 2.5) by Sanderson et al., 2006.


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