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The Tiger, a true story of vengeance and survival

published 25 December 2011 | modified 18 December 2016

Finished 'The Tiger, a true story of vengeance and survival' by John Vaillant about a week ago. Excellent story told by a great and well-informed storyteller. It gives great insight information about the hardships in eastern Russia, where the Amur tiger can still be found. Where people have to live of what the forest serves them, because that is what is left over there. After regular industrial businesses couldn't cope with after-perestroika developments, and left the territory. It is about killing one tiger to spare others, one tiger that decided the poachers should deliver. Deliver to him. Or was it plain and simple revenge. But in the end the book is about conservation. Conservation of a kind of nature that took me by surprise. Nature in a bio-geographical area that still exists as one of the most biodiverse environments of the world. Read the book!, and read about John Vaillant in The New Yorker.


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