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Eyes on Leuser a must-see

published 15 October 2012 | modified 18 December 2016

It is about time I'll give some attention to the Eyes on Leuser project. This conservation / media project started in June 2011 and will probably end this year. The project's objective is to create a video database of the exceptionally rich biodiversity of the Leuser ecosystem in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Using video trail cameras the Leuser secretive inhabitants could become film stars. The videos will provide information about Leuser's species distribution and movements of which we do not have detailed knowledge right now. They can be used for promotion and awareness campaigns. Moreover, they can support conservationists activities, such as lobbying, campaigning or training. But to achieve all this, exposure of the work of Dutch film maker Martin Slothouwer - conducted in cooperation with Leuser Ecosystem Management Authority (BPKEL) - is essential.

I haven't seen much of this project advertised, except for a recent article on mongabay.com by Jeremy Hance, so I would like to make my contribution to the exposure of the results of this project with this blog.

Some great footage can be seen on the project's website, and one fine example here:



(Source: Eyes on Leuser, 2012)


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